Hero Contest Results

And the winner of the everyday hero contest is…. drum roll, please…

Hero # 8! Congratulations! You have won a free signed copy of Altered Beginnings. I hope you enjoy the story!

Here was this hero’s entry:
# 8
– "First of all I’d like to refer my mother, Addie Alley, for
being a hero.  She has overcome abuse from her alcoholic father.  She
lived through very tough times including having only an outhouse for a
bathroom. They used to use a wringer washer. She also took care of 9 brothers
and sisters. She survived the death of two of the brothers who died at very
young ages.  She survived a younger brother in his later years who took
ill with cancer. She stayed by his side until his death, administering to his
every need or want.  She left school at a very young age and got
married.  She didn’t have much of an education but later on in life after
her husband (my father) died of a sudden heart attack. She remarried a while
later and raised her new husband’s two children, this after raising three of us
and all the children in her family.  She took in her grandson when he
needed a place to stay when he was homeless.  She has supported my brother
through his tough times giving them groceries, money and clothing. She still
assists him and his wife and four children. She is always thinking of
others.  She sold the bulk of her and my father’s land to him for a very
low price so that he could continue living there, which he had been living
there rent free. He finally paid it off.  She also deals with the issues
of my alcoholic and drug addicted sister.  She finally continued her
education and became a CNA to work with the elderly in nursing homes.  She
graduated in the top of her class. Her husband took the same course and they
enjoyed their work. Giving is what she does.  She currently is disabled
due to a patient who had grabbed her arm when he was falling and then
re-injured it when a rough acting patient grabbed her arm and tried to bite it.
She twisted to get away thus re-injuring her arm. This was an awful thing for
her as she was no longer able to help the elderly. She currently maintains her
home and husband’s needs while he works. She also takes care of my gr
andfather. She has been doing this for over 20 years unselfishly as well as
takes care of my grandmother. She provides rides to their appts. and takes care
of their finances and makes sure they have their groceries. While all of this
has taken its toll on her and she sometimes has to "vent" she still
does it. My grandfather recently had to go to a nursing home and he gives her
constant grief but she takes it all in stride.

I, on the other hand, am a hero in my own rights because I suffer from
Bi-polar, depression, panic and anxiety attacks, IBS, arthritis, bursitis,
fibromyalsia and agoraphobia. I raised my son to the best of my abilities while
suffering from all of these situations. I too am now disabled due to the
physical and emotional issues I deal with.  I used to be a legal secretary
for 20 years while suffering from these illnesses. My first husband passed away
after 13 years of marriage and left me to raise my son who was 9 at the time.
He had some issues while dealing with his father’s death but I stood by him all
the way.  Today I am an author of 10 books. I also run a web site for free
advertising for authors. I feel that they need some assistance in marketing
their books because I know the hardship of the costs of marketing. I give of my
time and the fees for this web site and enjoy all I can do for authors.  I
have always worn used clothing in the hard times of my son’s and my lifetime
because I would not take from him what he needed or wanted.  I provided
for him until he was 17 and wanted out of our home. He was being a typical
teenager and felt his mom was to constraining on him. He still is welcome in my
home.  My husband was a musician and always out on the road. Although I
knew he was not faithful I needed to maintain his position in the household for
his son’s sake.  At one time I finally had to leave just before he passed away
in the best interests of my son.  

I am not sure if myself or my mom would be a hero in your mind but I truly
believe that my mom is definitely a hero. I, myself, on the other hand find it
hard to type out what it is that makes me a hero because I suffer so much but
have not taken my life as so many others do because of their disabilities with
psychological issues."

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