Do you want the secret to happiness?

Do you want the secret to happiness?

So do I!!!


I’m no expert, but I am a firm believer that one way to reach joy is to make your life matter. Have you influenced anyone’s life today? Will you?

I remember my first trip to the Dixie Stampede in Tennessee, a great place to eat and see a wonderful show by the way. The place was packed, people jamming inside to get ready for the show. They had seats available, but not nearly enough. I’d managed to get lucky enough to find a bar stool to sit on.

That’s when I happened to notice this elderly lady with a cane walk in the door. I was probably 16 or 17 years old at the time, and my instant thought was that this woman was not going to have anywhere to sit down. She looked so frail that she might collapse to me. Her frame looked permanently bent over toward her cane, her hair white, her face aged, but still friendly. She smiled, clearly happy to be at the Dixie Stampede.

A woman, assumingly the lady’s daughter stood by her side. Unlike her mom, she wasn’t smiling. She looked concerned. I could almost see her thoughts: where were they going to sit?

Well, I never considered myself a perfect teenager, not by far, surely selfish enough to have ignored the situation. (I know that’s terrible to admit.) But, and I’m not sure why, I had to do something. I felt it in my gut. I couldn’t just watch that cute little old lady try to stand over her cane until she could be seated in the auditorium.

It was almost embarrassing to do it. I was at that age where everything seemed embarrassing, but I got up and walked over to that sweet lady and told her to go sit down on my stool.

I could see the surprise in the woman’s face, also in the daughter’s. A teenager being polite? Yes, it was shocking even to me.

They nodded and accepted my offer. Both women were smiling this time. I overheard the daughter say, "I can’t believe she is being so kind."

Then, an even more amazing thing happened. I, a teenager, smiled. My chest just filled with pride. It felt so good to do something for someone else, something good that really helped and made a difference. My life mattered that day.

So, the point is I may not have all the answers about happiness, but I do know one thing. The first step is to get your mind
on others, and off yourself. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I wish it were. The main reason that memory has stuck with me for so long is that it is a rare thing in my life. Sure, I’ve helped others, but how many times is it done in complete and total selflessness?


out today and make a goal to help someone. Maybe you can do something
for your spouse or your child, maybe for a neighbor or even that man
down the street that you don’t know. If you see a need that you can
meet, step up and help instead of waiting for someone else to do it.


not talking about helping someone to get something in return, or just
so they owe you a favor. I’m talking about helping someone with no
motive other than to help, with no expectations, with total lack of self-absorption or
selfishness. Just help.

You’ll see. It feels great!

on someone else for a change. It will get your mind off of you. No
more constant obsessing about all the tiny or large things that is
wrong in our lives. No more wondering why we can’t be skinny or have a
large house or be rich or have a child that behaves as well as our
friend’s. Let’s get ourselves off our mind!


The funny thing is helping others can be for you. The moment you do something for someone else without expectations,
you feel good. You feel HAPPY.


Isn’t that magic? Is it the secret to happiness? Maybe…

Make your life matter today!

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  1. Oh i like the work and i think it is wonderful!also i can not agree with u any more!i do think that we can change the world by little step!once u did and u will set an example for others and i do hope one day i can make this kind of article as good as urs!

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