Motivational Monday – Influences

How many
people do you influence in your life? Have you thought about it? Even small
influences can count.


There’s a movie released in 2004 called
The Five People You Meet in Heaven that stars Jon Voight that left an
impression on me. It’s about life after death for a man that dies while
trying to save the life of a little girl. The accident happened at an amusement
park the man had worked at his entire life. He hated it because he thought his
life was boring and pointless.


After he dies, he meets five people
that he influenced at different times in his life. He had no idea that he had
impacted these people. In the end, he got to pick his ideal heaven to spend
eternity. His choice wasn’t the one that he would have predicted for himself.
After speaking to the five people in his life, he understood how important his
role was in life.


I wonder if I have influenced at
least five people, or changed the lives of at least five people for the good.
If not, I really want to! Even better, I want my number to be even higher.


In high school, my world history
teacher, Mr. Womack had a huge influence on my life. I imagine he doesn’t even
know it. What he did was such a small, seemingly unimportant thing. He simply
wrote a short sentence on the back of an index card that had my grade written
on it. It stated, "You write so well."


This teacher was not known to
spread niceties unless he meant them. He was much more  known to be a comedian. His lectures were
always funny.


I was stunned by the sentence he
wrote. I write well? Is he sure? Did
he mean that note for a different student? No one had ever told me that before.
Later that same year, he wrote another note that suggested that I could write
anything and make it interesting.


Really? I could?


It was that one teacher – a
history teacher – that encouraged me to take writing more seriously. I had
always written before, but it was a secret hobby of mine.


By my senior year, I finished
writing my first book… That was the beginning…

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