You cannot be a parent unless you are a teacher.

parents, one of our most important jobs is to teach our children to be
successful adults. Discipline is among the many tools of teaching, yet
we must not forget that there are several to pick from. Do I believe
children should be disciplined? Absolutely! Let’s just remember that it
isn’t just about punishment. Discipline should be about training.


of the most important rules I try to keep for myself is to never punish
my son when I’m too angry to rationally choose a fair consequence. I
want my punishments to be a teaching technique, not a retaliation for
something he has done. There is such a big difference, and it is so
hard to keep our tempers in check at times. Let’s face it  – one of the
quickest things kids learn about parents is how to push their buttons.
My son can be in a room with my husband for five minutes and have my
husband ready to storm out of the house. He’s THAT good.


are like wet cement. They are full of vast potential, ready to be
molded into whatever they are meant to be… Parents, let’s help
form our children into successes. Let’s TEACH them that they can be
anything they want to be.
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