Surprising Research Results

to a story I read from November 2008, research shows that behavior has
improved among young children in the classroom in the last thirty
years. These results were credited to better teachers and positive
reinforcement in the classroom.


these results sound wonderful, I have to say I was shocked. Exactly
what age does "younger" children represent? Preschool? Come on. I want
this to be true, but I do watch the news. How many reports in the last
year alone have we seen of children with guns in school, including
"younger" children.


without considering the recent violence we have seen in schools, how
many reports have we seen that cases of ADHD are on the rise? Though
that is a legitimate medical condition, it doesn’t make me assume that
behavior in schools are getting better.


In my opinion, schools seem to have gotten tremendously worse since prayer was taken out of them. I want children’s
behavior to have improved. I want these reports to be true, but are they?


What do you think? Are the school systems improving? I sure know one thing. When I was in school, it felt like a safe
place. I pray that it still is.
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  1. Great post and so true. I don’t think schools are safe at all sad to say. If you look at utube you can see fights at your local high schools. They think this is so cool.??? Anyway, I’m thankful all of my kids are grown .,now just have to worry about grand children. Hugs, Pat

  2. My heart just seizes right in my chest every time I turn on the news and hear the words gun and school. Things have to get better for our kids. Thanks so much for the comment, Pat!

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