I’m back online!

It’s been a stressful week! Want to know if I’ve kept my smile? Well…
Everything began when my computer decided to die. It gave me no warning symptoms first-no cough, sneeze, wheeze, no clutching of the chest…nothing. It just killed over and died. Go figure.
So, I ordered a brand new computer, which is sooooo exciting. Or it is until I got the bill. Ouch! My wallet is taking a hit for sure, but hey, I’m doing my part to correct this recession.
The new computer is awesome. It’s got mega memory, mega speed, new stuff I’m not sure how to use…It’s just wonderful!
Then…my modem blew up. Dead, gone. I didn’t even have a burial. What’s more frustrating than having a brand new computer and not being able to get online with it? Man, that was just unfair!
I tried to call my provider to tell them about the modem, and I got a recording that they were too busy to talk to me and I needed to chat with customer service online. It sounds like some kind of cruel joke, doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t. They were serious.
Deep breath, keep smiling, Destiny.
Okay. No problem. I can handle this. I go over to my neighbor’s house and borrow her computer to chat online. Guess what the customer service lady wants me to do? She tells me I need to try such and such and such to fix the modem. But, I’m not at my computer! Well, too bad, I can’t get a new modem until I try to work with them to fix this one.
It was quite funny now that I’m looking back at the situation. Going from neighbor’s house to my house, back and forth, trying various things to my computer until about 11:00 at night. I finally gave up and went to bed.
Deep breath, keep smiling, Destiny. Just sleep on it.
The next day, I did what any positive person would do. I marched straight back to my neighbor’s house, got on the computer and told those customer service person that I would not go back and forth anymore, and I wanted a new modem sent to me right now! You know what they said? She said okay. That simple-okay. Now, I’m wondering why I didn’t get more forceful to begin with?
Anyway, it’s all over now. I’m back online, trying out my shiny new computer with the really nice and big monitor. Life’s good!
And, yes, I’m still smiling.
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  1. Good for you, I would have been fuming!!!! Glad you kept your cool. Took the situation in hand!!! Great job. Enjoy your new computer. I got a new lap top and the second time I used it it crashed and burned. No I was not a nice person to those people, but it did get me a new computer. Have a good evening. hugs, Pat

  2. Thanks, Pat! There’s no doubt my blood pressure would have gone sky high if my new computer had blown up instead of the modem. I guess things can always be worse. It’s good to remember that!

  3. Those who have faith , belief in one self many positive things may come sooner then they expect.

  4. Very well said, American.

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