Fun Tidbits…About Me

A few fun facts you probably don’t know about me.

1. I do not use a pen name.
2. My younger brother likes to call me "Chuckles."
3. I eat every meal in a certain order. I only eat one item on my plate at a time, and I will not move to the next item until that one is all gone. I will not take a bite of beans, then corn, then bread, then back to beans…Oh, no. I eat ALL the beans, then All the corn, then the bread. Also, none of the food on my plate can touch or mix together – yuck.
4. My big toes look pregnant because they are so short and stubby. I can’t get a pedicure without people laughing at my toes and my very short, practically non-existent toe nails.
5. I bite my fingernails, so I don’t have any of those either. No manicures.
6. My normal fashion style for most events is very casual – sloppy shirts, jeans and a hat. I wear mostly black and blue clothes. My girlfriends fuss that I need to step it up a bit when we go out. I guess I just don’t understand why… Admittedly, I am probably a great candidate for the show What Not to Wear.
7. I hate to shop. If I can purchase something online, I will.
8. I’m directionally dysfunctional. To find my way anywhere, I need very detailed directions that are easy to read and understand. If I get lost, I will most likely have to call for help.
9. I’m good with people as a community journalist, but I’m an awful conversationalist. I’m very quiet in a crowd. I enjoy listening more than talking. In school, I was so shy that most of my peers probably don’t remember me.
10. I have an obsession with learning about sharks and wolves. I feel sure that I will write a book in the future with one or the other in it. I just haven’t quite figured out exactly what I want to do with them yet…
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