Dream Big!

Picture in your mind an image of a boy playing baseball by himself in his backyard. He has a baseball cap on. He’s holding the bat in his right hand and the ball in his left. He’s grinning from ear to ear and saying, “I’m the best baseball player that ever lived!”


The boy throws the ball up and swings, but misses. Again, he announces that he’s the best player. He throws the ball up a second time and misses again. Still, he says he’s the best. One more time he attempts to make a connection and hit that ball “out of the park,” and one more time he misses.


A puzzled expression overcomes his face after strike number three. His grin slowly disappears. He obviously didn’t expect to miss.


Suddenly, his face lights up as another thought occurs to him. He looks at the ball, at the bat and back up. His grin returns brighter than ever. Then, he exclaims, “I’m the best pitcher in the world!”


I saw this scenario in a commercial on TV that was promoting the idea of teaching positive thinking to children. I thought it was absolutely adorable. The expressions on the child’s face were priceless. The commercial had a fantastic point.


Kids start out believing that they can do anything in the world they want to do. They don’t know any different unless we tell them. And why should we? Isn’t it true? Isn’t it possible for them to do anything they want to do as long as they are willing to work for it?


Why do we view dreams as fantasies? Why can’t we take a dream and turn it into a goal? Why don’t we take a piece of paper and write out an actual realistic plan to see that dream to completion? Why not?


My dream since before I can remember has always been to have a book published. I didn’t know then as I know now that the odds were stacked very high against me. Now more than ever, publishers are choosing books from experienced writers – the ones that are a sure bet to sell. Very few are left that will take on the risk of a new writer… but I found one.


My first book is under contract for publication! My dream is coming true. I will actually get to see my book in print. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of relentless pursuit it took to make it happen, but I’m there. I did it, and oh man does it feel good!


Dream big! I would rather wish for the moon and receive a proportion of it than wish for nothing and get all of it. See something great for yourself ahead, keep your chin up and head in that direction. With enough persistence, you’ll get there just as I did.


So, what will I do now that I’ve accomplished my goals? I’ll keep dreaming, that’s what. I’ll dream bigger. I’ll set new goals. I’ll keep going and keep looking ahead. I see some great things coming up.

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