Is the world making us A.D.D?

I have an addiction to noise. The first thing I do whenever I am home is turn on the TV or radio. Most of the time, I’m not even watching or listening. I just like the background noise. I’m so used to something going on that quiet time seems intolerable.
I worry I’m missing out on much needed reflection time in those quiet moments with my own thoughts. I worry I’m teaching my son to live the same way, or the world is teaching him as it has me. There is just always noise, always multitasking, always something to do. TV, radio, computer, email. cell phones, texting, etc. It never stops. Is it no wonder that it is difficult for our children to get still and quiet for school?
Advertising today has gone to new extremes, but honestly, I’ve just learned to tune it out. I don’t watch commercials anymore. I don’t read billboards. I usually switch the radio to a different station during anything other than music. I just tune it all out. I have to. So, is it any wonder that it takes so much more to keep my attention now? Aren’t we all that way?
Though I have gotten to that point where I can ignore all the overload of commercialism, my son has not. He makes comments about products he sees on TV. He believes what the ads tell him. He hasn’t yet learned that we have built a world where it is okay to lie to one another. I’m having a hard time explaining it to him. It is truly a senseless concept.
How many beer commercials will my son see before he is old enough to drink? How much influence will it have? It’s really terrifying to think about it.
We all suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder secondary to exposure to so many medias of our own making. We are bombarded continuously by unneeded sensory. I think it’s time to go back to having some quiet time. What do you think?
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